Welcome to the Web_a_holics United webring!

There are some things that you need to do in order to be a member of this webring, but if you follow the guidelines there will be no problems.

When you join the webring, you will be sent an email that includes the code fragment that you copy & paste to your webpage (the same code fragment is also available from your member profile page.

The code fragment MUST be on the same page as the URL that you submit, so if you have a "webrings" page - that's the page URL you submit.

You MUST keep your email address, page URL, etc. up to date - if I can't contact you, and your site is breaking the ring, your site will be deleted from the ring.

No commercial sites! No porn! Your site must be family-friendly.

We reserve the right to deny or revoke membership to any site for any reason we deem necessary, such as objectionable material, broken links, etc.

WHY JOIN A WEBRING?    Joining a webring can help increase the hits to your website.
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?    Absolutely nothing, zip, nada - it's FREE!
SO WHAT DO I DO?    First, save the new ring logo to your hard drive or scrapbook(for webtv/msntv users)

After you submit your website to the ring, to the left you'll see an option to "Get Code."  Click on that and copy the HTML code fragment & paste it onto your webring page or the page you submitted for ring access (they MUST be the same).
Your finished product should look like this...HTML version:

Web_a_holics United
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To finish your submission process just fill out the form here.

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